School Year of Core-Bilingüe

The School Year of Core-Bilingüe (SYOC-B) is the Spanish adaptation of the English School-Year of Core (SYOC), a series of resources for teaching core vocabulary words to children who use AAC. SYOC was conceptualized and created by AAC Specialist and SLP Michaela Sullivan, along with two SFSU pre-professional SLP students, Beth Lytle and Alisa Lego, and other volunteers. Like its English counterpart, SYOC-B offers ideas, resources, and materials for teaching high-frequency Spanish words to children who use AAC (Soto & Cooper, 2021).

Since most bilingual children who use AAC are being educated by monolingual or English-dominant professionals, the instructions to use SYOC-B are presented in English, while models and materials are in Spanish. The words presented by month and accompanying materials to teach the target words are below. Activity sheets for each core word, in Spanish only, to share with Spanish-dominant caregivers and professionals are available in this Padlet

The following activities are meant to be suggestions. You do not need to use all activity sheets. Use the resources that are most applicable to your objectives. For more information on the key AAC strategy of each month, please reference SYOC materials.